School and COVID

We have received numerous requests for testing of asymptomatic patients who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 to allow for early return to school per the guidelines of the Florida Department of Education.

We would like to provide our position regarding early end to quarantine and testing of asymptomatic patients.

We continue to follow and recommend the CDC guidelines for asymptomatic patients with a positive exposure.

Unvaccinated persons:

  • should quarantine for 14 days after exposure
  • may end quarantine early with test on day 5 or later; if negative, quarantine may end on day 7 if patient remains asymptomatic
  • may end quarantine early after 10 days with no test and the patient remains asymptomatic

Vaccinated persons:

  • Do not need to quarantine (unless they develop symptoms)
  • Should test on days 3-5
  • Wear a mask indoors for 14 days following exposure

We understand the Florida Department of Education has provided their own guidelines that are different from the CDC's guidelines. This additional burden of testing on day 4 is overwhelming our healthcare system that is already burdened with patients ill with COVID-19. We recommend following the CDC guidelines of a quarantine of at least 10 days, however, at a minimum to use the Florida Department of Education guideline and return on day 8 if the patient remains asymptomatic.

Our office currently tests for COVID-19 in our office, however, due to limited supplies we are unable to test asymptomatic patients. We have referred parents to urgent care facilities which are currently facing the same issues, long wait times and limited test supplies. Therefore, that is why we recommend if you child has an exposure and remains asymptomatic to have them quarantine for 10 days (or if you choose to follow the Florida Department of Education guidelines, quarantine for 7 days and return to school on day 8).

We care about your children and always try to provide the best care. We understand this situation is frustrating and are compassionate to the circumstances families are facing in this current surge of COVID. We strongly recommend all persons eligible to receive the vaccine do so as soon as possible to ease the burden on the healthcare system.

We are currently offering the Pfizer COVID vaccine for persons aged 12 years and older. This includes parents, siblings and caregivers. Please contact our office to schedule.

As always do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.

CDC Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines