Lactation Consultations

Interlachen Pediatrics strongly supports the benefits of breastfeeding, however, we also recognize that every situation is different. Therefore, in order to assist our patients and their mothers to have an enjoyable and productive nursing experience, we recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to work with a lactation consultant while still in the hospital with your infant. One of our Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, Heather Bryant, is also a Certified Lactation Counselor and provides lactation consultations in our offices. Please contact our scheduling department or speak with your provider while in the office. We can also recommend other resources in the community to assist with your lactation needs.

What Is A Lactation Consultation?

A lactation consultation is a visit with a professional lactation consultant to address issues or concerns related to breastfeeding. These issues or concerns could be related to latching difficulties, low milk production, or painful nursing. The lactation consultant will spend time educating the mother to understand the fundamentals of lactation, as well as address concerns and offer support to encourage an enjoyable nursing experience for both mother and baby.

Why Should I Consider Scheduling A Lactation Consultation?

The following is a list of some issues or concerns you may have related to breastfeeding and would be addressed during a lactation consultation:

  • Experiencing difficulties with latch on or positioning
  • Baby experiencing low output of wet diapers and stools
  • Baby always falls asleep at breast, and cannot drink for a continuous period of 10-15 minutes
  • Baby is unsettled and cries excessively following breastfeeding
  • Feeding your baby takes more than 1 hour
  • Mother has a history of breast surgery
  • Baby was born premature
  • Baby with jaundice
  • Baby with a history of anomaly
  • You are concerned about breastfeeding, have questions or need support
Preparing For Your Visit

Before scheduling a consultation, keep in mind there is usually a fee for this service. Interlachen Pediatrics will submit charges to your insurance for this service; however, coverage varies, therefore we encourage you to contact your carrier before scheduling your consultation. Once you have scheduled your consultation here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The baby should be hungry (don't breastfeed for 2 hours before the visit)
  • Have available any breastfeeding aids or supplies (pumps, nipple shields, etc.)
  • Have ready a list of questions and a feeding diary
  • Include a support person, if you desire (dad, grandparent, etc.)