Patient Portal - FAQ's

As you start getting familiar with our patient portal,, here is a list of some FAQ's we thought might be useful to help you get around the portal and communicate with our office:

Q: How do I see my child's health record?

A: First, our office will send an invitation to the parent or guardian. The invitation must be accepted and the parent or guardian has to agree to a disclaimer. Then an account can be created by verifying a few secure details. The parent or guardian to whom the invitation was sent will need to verify their name, date of birth, and zip code. Although you are registering for access to your child's record the invitation was sent to you, therefore the system is verifying your details. As a parent of a minor child you are a healthcare proxy, therefore, you are allowed access to your child's protected health information in most circumstances. Once you have been assigned access to your child's health record you will see their name on the list after signing in. If you have more than one child, we can then add each additional child to the same account for you to be able to access their records. 

Q: In what circumstances would I not be permitted to access my child's health record?

Florida Law protects the confidentiality of minors age 13 years and older seeking treatment for certain medical conditions. If a minor seeks treatment for one of those conditions and expresses their right to confidentiality we will revoke the parent's access to the portal. Additionally, parental access to the portal will automatically be revoked by the system upon the child's 18th birthday. The child may grant access to the parent as a proxy should they choose. At which time, a new invitation would be sent to both the patient and the parent granting access to the portal.

Q: Are divorced parents both allowed access to the portal?

Yes. Unless there is a judge's order prohibiting one parent from being involved in the medical care of the child, both parents may be granted access to the portal. If such an order exists, our office would need to be provided with a copy of the order.

Q: How do I see and update contact information?

A: Under My Profile, select My Information to see your contact information as recorded by our office. If you need to make changes, select Edit. Your changes will not reflect in the portal until they have been updated by our office. Click here for video tutorial.

Q: How do I see and update insurance information?

A: Again, under My Profile, click My Insurance to see your child's insurance information as recorded by our office. If you need to make changes, select Edit. Click here for video tutorial.

Q: How do I request a prescription refill?

A: Under My Health, select Medications. Here you will be able to access your child's medication history. To request a medication refill,   select the Refill Medications button. You will be able to choose from a list of medications that have been ordered in the previous 6 months, or you can type in the name of the medication if it is not on the list. Please remember all controlled substances (this includes most medications used to treat ADHD) must be picked up from our office, you may request the refill through the portal but we cannot send the prescription to a pharmacy. Click here for video tutorial.

Q: How do I ask a question of the office?

A: Under My Messages, select New, and from the I would like to...list choose the appropriate question. Your question will be directed to the correct team member in our offices who will respond to you. This service is only available when there are staff in the office. Therefore questions will not be answered on the weekends or at night. If you need immediate assistance or it is after regular business hours, please call our office so we may assist you with your situation. Click here for video tutorial.

Q: How do I fill out health forms requested by the office?

A: Under Documents and Forms, select Medical and then the form which corresponds to your child's age. When you click on the you will be redirected to our secure electronic forms server to complete the electronic forms for your child's visit. If you have multiple children scheduled you may complete all forms at the same time and submit them electronically. The majority of the forms we ask parents and patients to complete are available in this format, however, we may still need to ask parents to complete some forms in the office. 

Q: How do I request, cancel or reschedule an appointment?

A: Under My Appointments, select Request, and select New to request a new appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule, go to My Messages, select New, then General. Let us know the details of the appointment you need to cancel or reschedule.

Q: How do I pay my bill?

A: From the Navigation Bar, select Pay My Bill. You will be able to see your balance in real-time, as well as there will be a link to the last statement our office sent you. In the account number field please enter your credit card number, not the office account number. 

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Select the Welcome or Viewing menu in the Navigation bar and select My Account Settings. In the page that opens, select the Edit link next to Password.

Q: What if I forget my user name or password?

A: On the login page, click Forgot Username or Forgot Password and follow the steps in the screens that follow.